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Non-Objective Painting and Drawing Workshop with Suzanne Metz

Register online at www.artembassy.ca

Cost: $130 + HST

The approach is exploratory. Working from the nonverbal, right brain, the subconscious, and the spirit we will take a day long journey to make the invisible visible and give form to the formless.  The essence of this workshop is the art- making process.  It is exactly this journey and experience that will push you further into your practice.

We will explore different exercises that will free you from fear and allow you to bring out your personal voice.  We will learn to move in ways that allow for the freedom you need to extend yourself and the mindfulness to shut out your inner critic and let your self emerge.
In This workshop we will be working on large sheets of paper and some large unstretched canvas.
A detailed material list will be sent after enrolment.

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